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Photography was always an interest of mine growing up in New Jersey but I really didnít pursue it until I drove across the country when I moved to San Diego. I had traveled a little before but getting to see the vast changes that you see heading from East to West across the different parts of the country really ignited the passion that I still have to this day for photography.

I prefer landscape photography for its sheer beauty to me in color, composition, and lack of human influence. However, I also enjoy city and architectural photography as well as simple everyday photography of people, plants, animals and various new places I encounter throughout my life.

I believe I am still learning as much each day about my own changing style and technique as an individual as I am about photography as a whole. Currently, I prefer to shoot landscape from a very low perspective often times from just above the ground looking outward. This, to me, shows everything leading into the picture and towards the main subject in a way that really tells the whole story and gives me as a photographer, as well as the viewer of the photograph, a humbling feeling of what is before them.

I started off like everyone printing several photographs on paper. I experimented printing on aluminum and fell in love with it. Printing on aluminum allows the colors and subject to jump right off the surface and into your world. I have received several compliments on this technique and I plan to continue to working with aluminum for years to come.

Thanks for looking at my site and photos - visit again soon!