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Here is a photo printed on gold matte finished aluminum:

And below is the orginal photo as you would see it on photo quality paper or digitally on thye computer screen

(note how the whiter reflections on the floor for example come through as a much more exciting and beautiful gold as the color and reflective nature of the metal come through)

Here is a comparison of the same photo printed on silver matte finished aluminum (upper photo) and as saved as a digital file before printing (and as you would see it printed on photo paper (lower photo). Look at the remarkable difference you see in the two. Amazing!

The white overcast sky in this one also comes through as more of a gold reflective sky as you can see below in another photo of the city (where the gold finish and the characteristics from the gold aluminum really come through on the aluminum print.

Look at the difference! The plain sky in the photo below transforms into an amazing sky from the gold finish on the aluminum and makes one of the least interesting parts of the photo into one of the MOST interesting.

Here is a good example of the reflective nature of the brushed silver aluminum: